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Transform your home with an affordable home lift solution.

Move easily and comfortably around your home with a home lift from Multicare Home Lifts. Our compact platform lifts take up minimal space and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Easy to install and an affordable, comfortable alternative to a stairlift. Find out more about getting a home lift today.


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Stiltz Home Lifts

Our range of home lifts are the perfect solution for getting around the house with ease. Suitable for carrying 2-3 people at once. With plenty of space for wheelchairs or walking frames. Find the right lift for your home below.

Duo Classic In Home
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The Stiltz Duo Classic is the original and best-selling Stiltz product. Its unique and innovative features allow it to be installed in places where other homelift products just will not fit.

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Trio Classic Home-lift For Kids
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A simple and adaptable solution that complements your lifestyle. At Stiltz we are known for building compact, space-efficient homelifts that have minimal impact on your home.

Duo+ Homelift

The Duo Plus Home Lift is the perfect alternative to a stairlift or conventional hydraulic lift. Capable of taking two passengers between floors in under 30 seconds, the Duo+ offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched.

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Trio+ Homelift

Home Lift is our innovative wheelchair lift and is perfect for the less mobile. Larger than the Duo+ Home Lift but still compact, the Trio+ can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is ideal for users with walking frames.

Need help choosing the right platform lift for your home?

Let us help you. Call our friendly team of experts on 0808 239 9116 for more information.  

What our customers have said..

Benefits of Stiltz Domestic Lifts

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Enjoy freedom & flexibility at home

We understand the importance of staying independent and being comfortable in your own space. So, we’re proud to offer a cost effective solution that gives you exactly that. Our domestic lifts are spacious and comfortable, with a compact footprint of less than a square metre. 

Small Footprint

Multiple options for installation

A home lift is a versatile option for household mobility. There are multiple options for installation. And, thanks to their innovative design and drive mechanism, you have even greater flexibility when it comes to where you have your lift installed. Whether it’s from your living room to your bedroom, a staircase void to your upstairs landing, or from cupboard to cupboard, the choice is up to you.  

Unique Guide System

Discrete design

People have commented on the incredible ease of installation of their personal lift, as well as the discrete design, that means a home doesn’t look “adapted”.

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Quick installation

Installation is quick and straightforward. Most of our lifts can be installed in under a day, with minimal work required to prepare your property thanks to the lift’s self supporting design. Our expert installation technicians will explain the whole process to you, from start to finish. 

Why choose a home lift?

  • Affordable
  • Simple to install
  • Compact
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Quiet
  • Safety features
  • Low power consumption

Future proof your home. Our home lifts help you stay in the home you love for longer.

Renovating your house to make it more accessible can be costly and tiring. And moving isn’t always an option you want to consider. Fortunately, a home lift can be easily installed, with minimal disruption and at an affordable price. A home lift can totally transform your living space, making staying independent and carrying on with your life easy and stress-free. 

Not everyone wants a stairlift. Find out more about getting a home lift installed by Multicare Home Lifts.