High-Quality Homelifts For Domestic Properties

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Affordable and Durable Domestic Homelifts

If you’re looking to easily move between floors in your home without the need for stairs, a homelift is a great solution. Cost-effective and easy to install, a through floor lift is a comfortable alternative to a stairlift, and can take up minimal space in your home. At Multicare Homelifts, we provide a number of domestic homelift solutions in partnership with Stiltz.


Reasons To Choose a Home Elevator

Whilst stairlifts may be your first port of call, there are many benefits to choosing a domestic homelift instead. As well as being affordable, they’re also simple to install. They’re also compact in size, with only a small amount of space required to add a homelift to your house. Homelifts are also designed to be as undisruptive as possible, being quiet when in use and containing a number of safety features. It also has a low power consumption, so it isn’t expensive to run.

There may be a few reasons why a stairlift may not be practical, especially if you have narrow or steep staircases. Also, if you’re a wheelchair user, it can be impractical to transfer between your wheelchair and a stairlift, whereas with a homelift, you can move between floors whilst still in your wheelchair.

If the prospect of a stairlift isn’t appealing, but moving from your current home is also impractical, then a residential lift is an appealing option. You can future proof your home, ensuring that your current home is efficiently adapted for optimal mobility, allowing you to stay in the home you love for longer.

Easy Domestic House Lift Installation with Multicare Homelifts

At Multicare Homelifts, you can not only find a range of Stiltz homelifts, but we will also install the domestic lift in your home to ensure it’s ready to be used as soon as possible after delivery. Every installation will be carried out by our team of expert installers, who have years of experience in installing homelifts and stairlifts. Installation is quick and can be completed in only one day. All of our homelifts also come with a 12 month guarantee, ensuring your through floor lift is protected for a whole year.

There are a few domestic homelifts to choose from with Multicare Homelifts, each offering a slightly different option for your home. The Stiltz Duo Classic is the original and top-selling Stiltz homelift, being able to be installed in places where other home elevators can’t fit. The Stiltz Duo+ is the latest Duo model, with a sleek and compact design. The Stiltz Trio Classic provides enough space for a wheelchair or three people, and the Stiltz Trio+ is stylish and luxurious.

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