What’s the Difference Between Stiltz Duo and Stiltz Trio Homelifts?

Are you looking for an ideal solution for travelling between floors in your home without using a stairlift? If so, the Stiltz home lift is the perfect option for you when a stair lift isn’t practical. For many people, the thought of downsizing their home isn’t an ideal solution to being able to access their whole house, and this is especially true if you have a sentimental attachment to your home having lived there for decades.

A Stiltz home lift is a convenient and affordable solution to travelling between floors in your property. It has a minimal impact on the appearance and space of your home, has low energy usage and a fast installation time.

Broadly, when looking at Stiltz home lifts, there are two sizes you can choose from: duo and trio. But what makes them different? Learn about the differences and benefits between two of our most popular home lifts, the Stiltz Duo and the Stiltz Trio.

Duo Classic Home Lift With Open Door

Benefits of the Stiltz Duo Homelift

The Stiltz Duo Classic Homelift is the perfect solution for upstairs accessibility if mobility restricts you from travelling between floors by yourself. Due to the size of the lift, it can be fitted almost anywhere in your home and doesn’t need to be fixed to walls.

It comes with many great benefits and features such as:

  • Fast installation time, can be installed in one day
  • Doesn’t make excess noise when in use
  • Plugs into a power socket like any other household appliance
  • Low energy usage (less than boiling a kettle per trip)
  • Comes with a battery backup system if there’s a power cut
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty

Who Would Need the Stiltz Duo?

It has a 170kg maximum load and the interior area is large enough for two individuals or one individual sitting down. This makes it the perfect lift for a household that will require two people to use the lift frequently together, or one person who may need to be seated whilst travelling. If you require a larger interior to fit more people in, then another option of a home lift may suit you better.

Benefits of the Stiltz Trio Homelift

The Stiltz Trio Classic is a home lift that can be installed in your home to access upstairs if you can’t longer walk upstairs. Due to its larger size than the Stiltz Duo, it has wheelchair accessibility which is perfect for individuals who can’t easily leave their wheelchair to use a stairlift, but still need to access upstairs.

It’s packed with safety features such as seat and grab bar, emergency stop button, battery backup and weight limit sensors. Additionally, it comes with many other benefits including:

  • Wheelchair & walking frame accessibility
  • No noisy hydraulic or vacuum systems
  • Plugs into a standard power socket
  • Can be installed in 2 days
  • Can carry three people
  • Small footprint, covers 1.25m squared

Who Would Need the Stiltz Trio?

The Stiltz Trio is ideal for the average wheelchair user due to its spacious interior. This means you can travel between different floors without having to leave your wheelchair.

Due to its three-person capacity, it is also a great option for households that facilitate 1-3 different people who may need to use the lift at any given time. For example, an elderly couple who may no longer have the ability to walk up and down stairs, also whilst accompanying a carer for additional support.

What are the Main Differences between the Duo and Trio?

The main difference between the Stiltz Duo and Trio is the weight and size capacity, in addition to the price point. Due to the Trio’s larger interior, it has a maximum weight capacity of 220kg and can carry up to three people, or an average-sized wheelchair. Meanwhile, the Duo has a weight capacity of 170kg and can carry two people at one time.

Naturally, the Trio costs more than the Duo model, but brings a huge benefit to wheelchair or walking aid users, making navigating the home much easier. Both lifts come with a 12-month warranty and have many shared features and benefits, including a low power consumption and a high level of build-quality and reliability.

How Can Multicare Homelifts Help You?

At Multicare Homelifts, we offer a no-obligation, free home survey to assess your home, help you decide on installation placement, and talk you through our installation processes and procedures. Once you are ready, we can offer same-day installation which typically can be completed within one day.

Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding home lift installation. You can contact our team at 0808 239 9116 today.